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What We Keep

Stealing from Margaret Wise Brown

Sometimes I feel guilty because I never post anything useful on this blog, while others are sharing recipes that will make you love brussels sprouts (they never do, alas), new uses for odd items, and occasionally unnerving crafts. So today I have one. I made these books for my children when they were young, blatantly ripping off Goodnight Moon (Margaret Wise Brown went to Hollins, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind) for a goodnight book based on their own rooms. Actually, she probably would mind, but this is legit if you just make it for your kid and don’t try to publish it. (Trust me, don’t do that.)

All it takes is a blank book, some photos of kid and room, and a practical grasp of rhythm and rhyme. Hand lettered text alternates with pictures.

Here’s a sample of the one I made for my son. The complete book runs down the right hand column. Read More 
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