Amanda Cockrell

Selected Works

Young Adult Novel
Saints and soldiers and the Untied Church of Dog
The Hollywood blacklist and a delayed funeral
Historical novel of a Roman legion in Britain
The Horse Catchers trilogy
Mythological novel of the coming of the horse to the American Southwest
Volume 2 in The Horse Catchers trilogy
Volume 3 in The Horse Catchers trilogy
The Deer Dancers trilogy
Mythological novel of the beginning of art
Volume 2 in The Deer Dancers trilogy
Volume 3 in The Deer Dancers trilogy
Children's books
By my mother, Marian Cockrell, the story of an enchanted castle on the edge of Fairyland

The Rain Child


"Flute Dog had been married for the space of one warm spring night when the Horse Searchers came home. No one had really thought they would come back.
Spotted Colt and Mud Turtle looked different now, Flute Dog thought, while she stood on the edge of the crowd that gathered around them. They looked like people who had been to the edge of the world, and she wondered what they had seen.
It came to her very suddenly that there could be anything in the world...things she had never seen, things so far away and strange that they didn't have names.
Pale men. Horses with ears like rabbits. Stone that could be melted and sticks that shot flame and small stones.
If all those things could be, then any other things was possible, too."


"Coyote watched the moon come up in Rain Child's pot. The Holy Clowns had painted themselves white and danced around it, while the moon lifted over the eastern horizon and her spirit coalesced in the pot.
From his spot on the ridge above the Dry River camp Coyote could see her climbing over the hills. She was round-bottomed and ample-breasted tonight, and he grinned at her out of the stars, making himself an attractive young man, such as a girl like herself might want.
'Good evening, Beautiful,' he said, dangling his paws over the edge of the Star Road.
'Oho, it's you.' The Moon paused to survey him.
He leaned back, swinging his legs, noticed the paws and changed them into a pair of russet feet. His hair was long and unbraided, and it blew around his face."

Avon, 2001
ISBN 0-380-79551-5