Amanda Cockrell

Selected Works

Young Adult Novel
Saints and soldiers and the Untied Church of Dog
The Hollywood blacklist and a delayed funeral
Historical novel of a Roman legion in Britain
The Horse Catchers trilogy
Mythological novel of the coming of the horse to the American Southwest
Volume 2 in The Horse Catchers trilogy
Volume 3 in The Horse Catchers trilogy
The Deer Dancers trilogy
Mythological novel of the beginning of art
Volume 2 in The Deer Dancers trilogy
Volume 3 in The Deer Dancers trilogy
Children's books
By my mother, Marian Cockrell, the story of an enchanted castle on the edge of Fairyland

Daughter of the Sky


"Look through a hole in time.
Look through a tunnel of compressed years to a place where magic makes more sense than science; where it is possible to understand that if you dance your prayers the right way, the horned god, the deer incarnate, will come into them and speak to you.
Five thousand years ago, along the valley of the Rio Grande, the borders between the worlds were thin, and supernatural powers might be in any stone. In the lightning, the rain, the animals. Any passing creature might contain the otherworld. If you lived there, the gods would move in and out of your world like unlikely relatives, troublesome or benificent. Coyote might come, scratching fleas and trailing the stars in the brush of his tail."

Avon, 1995
ISBN 0-380-77648-0