Amanda Cockrell

Selected Works

Young Adult Novel
Saints and soldiers and the Untied Church of Dog
The Hollywood blacklist and a delayed funeral
Historical novel of a Roman legion in Britain
The Horse Catchers trilogy
Mythological novel of the coming of the horse to the American Southwest
Volume 2 in The Horse Catchers trilogy
Volume 3 in The Horse Catchers trilogy
The Deer Dancers trilogy
Mythological novel of the beginning of art
Volume 2 in The Deer Dancers trilogy
Volume 3 in The Deer Dancers trilogy
Children's books
By my mother, Marian Cockrell, the story of an enchanted castle on the edge of Fairyland

Children of the Horse


"You don't always know it's Coyote right off the bat. Once he was two women selling a book on how to engage the Flow, and he brings the people in Sedona a lot of things. This time he had on a three-piece gray suit and expensive boots and he was drinking espresso in Starbuck's.
It was one of those days when the worlds cross. Most people live in at least two worlds anyway. That day the people were watching the Fourth of July parade outside the window. They could see his BMW parked next to the dusty pickups that lined the street, and beyond that, riders going by on horses with big silver-mounted saddles. The riders wore sombreros and serapes, and the women were got up like Spanish senoritas in flounced skirts. Some art gallery had a flatbed truck with big sculpture on it, metal things like Hopi kachinas. Behind them was another truck carrying Washington crossing the Delaware. The Boy Scouts had a color guard, and the paramedics had brought their new ambulance. On a day like that anything might sit down next to you."

Avon, 2000
ISBN 0-380-79550-7